(S46) HMSM Churchill was launched on the 20th December 1968 in Barrow In Furness by Lady Soames A nuclear powered hunter killer fleet submarine which served with the Royal Navy from 1968 until the early 1990’s. She was 86.9 metres long, had a beam of 10.1 metres and a draught of 8.2 metres. She was named after the former Prime Minister and First Lord of the Admirality Winston Churchill. HMSM Churchill was based on the older Valiant Class but featured many internal improvements. She carried a crew of up to 103, although this was exceeded due to operational Commitments. The boat was fitted with one Kelvin 1008 surface search Radar. Weapons computers were DCB and a nav fit of SINS 1, replaced by SINS 2 during second refit. The main Sonar array was 2001, 2007, 185 and a towed Array. Two periscopes were fitted, a Binocular search periscope and a Monocular attack periscope fitted with a sextant. Her single pressurised water cooled reactor supplied steam for two English Electric geared turbines, producing a total of 20,000 shp for the single shaft and resulting in a maximum of XX knots submerged. Deep Diving depth? All of us onboard knew what she was good for!!!!